Pulling Profits Out Of A Hat

Building A Happier More Profitable Business

A Few Words From Marshall Goldsmith

Business leaders and entrepreneurs often ask me how to define success, and how to build an environment that combines business growth with opportunity for employees to be at their best.

Brad Sugars and Monte Wyatt have found a way to do this. They have also developed a system where companies can build explosive growth – and make it look easy. Of course, Brad and Monte know, as leading executive coaches, that mastering anything requires constant attention. Above all, it requires discipline. Here, they will share with you their powerful systems for change. They’ve created what they call the Five Disciplines that help leaders achieve sustainable, predictable, stable, and consistent success.

A New Concept

For Achieving



In this book, Brad and Monte have also developed a new concept that discovers and refines the potential in your business and your team. They show you how to implement new ideas and actions. They teach forward-thinking over scarcity. They give you a way to build a business culture that ensures that everyone in the business thinks in terms of growth rather than the loss.

Pulling Profits Out of a Hat isn’t just a blueprint for corporate growth – but a plan for corporate engagement from the inside out, where employees, managers, and business executives can contribute to creating something truly great. Get a copy for everyone on your executive team today!

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What People Are Saying About Pulling Profits

Jeffrey Gitomer
author of The Little Red Book of Selling and The Sales Manifesto

“Profit is not just money left over from sales and operational costs – it’s the reward for a job well done and a plan well executed. It’s where hard work meets team-work. And it’s the value you create that adds to your growth and legacy. “Pulling Profits Out of a Hat – Adding Zeros to Your Company Isn’t Magic.” is a gem. A 10-carat diamond in the rough. All you have to do is take it for yourself and craft your own jewel. Monte Wyatt is a world-class business coach and profit generator. Brad Sugars is a world-class entrepreneur and wealth generator. Learning from these two you can’t go wrong.”

Dr. Ivan Misner
Founder of BNI

“In Pulling Profits, Brad Sugars and Monte Wyatt show how every single person in a company is vital to its success. Pulling Profits provides a disciplined and exciting approach to build on the untapped potential of a business. Brad and Monte take us through their customized steps to ensure that all constituents of an organization – the company, the customer, the team member, the stakeholder, and the community – understand and contribute to creating magic to add zeros to the bottom line. Everyone who wants to achieve exponential business growth needs to read this book.”

Sharon Lechter
CPA CGMA, Author of Think andGrow Rich for Women

“Pulling Profits reveals how to identify new income streams by pulling enormous wealth out of overlooked areas of your business. Using their vast experience as two of the world’s leading business and executive coaches, Brad Sugars and Monte Wyatt offer a system to help you achieve sustainable, exponential growth in all levels of your organization. They provide definitive action steps to fix what needs help, and even to vastly improve what’s already working well. Pulling Profits is a handbook for building a sustainable business.”