Companies with a Social Responsibility Do Better

Part of leadership is giving people something to be passionate about; a common purpose that gets them excited when they show up for work because they can see that they are doing something of value for themselves and the broader community, every single day. It’s challenging to feel passionate about a company that’s only focused on making money.

Purpose Statements that Inspire and Lead to Exponential Growth

A purpose statement has to become something more than meaningless words. A company has to live its purpose with appropriate actions.

Defining Core Values for Emotional Connection

Core values always exist, even if we didn’t sit down and create them. They define our behaviors. Analyze the behaviors of a group, and you'll reveal its core values: the attitudes and guiding principles that govern the actions of that group’s culture. And every organization has a culture, whether they openly embrace and shape its core values or not.

Create a Purpose Statement, Not a Mission Statement

Every organization has a reason for being. A lot of companies have sincere and serious mission statements that describe their reasons for being, but a lot of these mission statements are feel-good platitudes designed to get buy-in from as many people as possible.

Create a Program for Giving Back to Make a Difference

The Discipline of Mission enables emotional connections. These come from fulfilling our purpose, living our core values, and giving back to make the world a better place.

Create Emotional Connection by Giving Back

Most of us know how good it feels to be of service to someone else. Random acts of kindness and selflessness not only help others but boost our own sense of worth. The same thing applies to our business.