The 5 Disciplines Assessment

Get the truth about your business and what is holding you back

The Five Disciplines Assessment is a powerful tool that will show you what The results of the Five Disciplines Assessment start a conversation at your organization. They help bring clarity to your direction and where you need to focus first.

Why Take This Assessment?

If you want to understand where you can improve your business and more specifically how you can start growing exponentially, you need this Five Disciplines Assessment.

If you want to know what your team does on a daily business and what it should be doing, you need to take this assessment.

If you are unsure about where in your business you can measure your performance, you need this assessment.

If you want to comprehend your financials and when to take stock of your strategy and, above all, what everyone in your organization can do to add zeros to every area of your business, then you need the Five Disciplines Assessment.

Who Is This For?

The Five Disciplines Assessment is for executives, leaders, and managers.

It focuses on identifying strong points, weaknesses, and areas of improvement. The assessment will help you select your priorities and recognize your strengths. It will point out what you need to change in your organization regarding your and your team’s focus and discipline.

The point of the Five Disciplines Assessment is not only to educate but to allow executives to take action.

How Does It Work?

The Five Disciplines Assessment gives you clear results by each of the Five Disciplines for Exponential Growth: strategy, business development, people, execution and mission. There are 10 questions for each of the five disciplines and those questions ask you to think about your organization and evaluate what that you do or don't do, focusing on the disciplines that your business already has. It shows you where you and your company and your employees stand in relation to building sustainability, predictability, stability, consistency and emotional connection in your organization.

It will ask questions related to how your business works, and how your team interacts. It will ask you to identify aspects of your business such as how you articulate the way you do business, how you’ve organized your sales and customer service processes and what your leadership training, talent development and recruitment processes consist of. It will examine your processes, how you communicate with management and how management communicates and works with team members. It will assess your knowledge of your organization’s financial controls. The Five Disciplines Assessment will also ask you your purpose, your core values and your program for giving back.

The point is to help you understand where your team is and what your beliefs are. The assessment helps you see your priorities and where to take your first steps toward improvement in creating and building disciplines.


The five disciplines assessment gives you a score for the individual assessments and also an overall score showing which areas where you do well and where you need to improve. This helps you select your priorities helps you see where your strengths are and what needs to be changed in your organization in regards to discipline and focus. This helps you understand where your team is, where your beliefs are and help you see your priorities of where to take your first steps.